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Money Managemnet Radio Show 4-24-12—Larry interviews Dave Isaacs, CPA—Intro Show and Why this Show is so Important
5-22-12– Larry interviews Jude Tarris and attorney Troy McNemar—How Caregiving and Legal Matters are Intertwined
6-26-12– Larry interviews Lucille Zimmerman—Using a Single Provider to Coordinate All Caregiving Matters
7-24-12– Larry interviews Elaine Poker-Yount and Laura Berger—Care Options for Alzheimer’s and Other Serious Conditions
8-28-12–Larry interviews Dr. Sharon Lentz and Rilus Dana—A Psychologist and Estate Attorney Discuss how Planning and Good Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand
9-25-12– Larry interviews Trish Hansen—How to Navigate the Mortuary and Final Arrangements Maze
10-23-12– Larry interviews—Himself!! Together with Dave Isaacs, CPA—Investment and Taxes Understood
11-27-12– Larry interviews—Blaise Byrne—The Provisions of the new Affordable Care Act and What to Do Now
1-22-13– Larry interviews attorney Keith Lymon—Simple Estate Planning is Easy and Critical
2-26-13– Larry interviews author Gerry Niskern—A Life of Family Treasures
3-26-13—Larry interviews Aliesha Keller—Why Insuring Property Properly is Essential

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