Personal and Special Event Financial Counseling

couple-on-bench-older2Question….Why is this so difficult? Answer…Life throws us many curve balls.  Sometimes we see them coming…sometimes not. If someone helps us understand the pros and cons of our options,  we can take charge and make clear-eyed and informed decisions.  

Common ‘Life Meets Money’ Circumstances

  • People retired or who are retiring….Some think a satisfying retirement begins with your last work day or the work party they give you. Retirement actually begins when you…1) have a plan as to why you will get out of bed in the morning and…2) you are positive you have taken every measure possible to protect your capital and guarantee your income adequacy.
  • Families who have lost loved ones…. The hurt of losing a loved one is incalculable; the decisions, the pressures, the money matters, the bills, the family’s well-being, etc.  All of these affect sound decision making.
  • Caregivers….. Those caring for aging relatives, friends or family are in a constant state of stress. How to do it, who to get help from, how to pay for it, what to sell, how to manage your own life without losing your sanity.
  • Financial Settlements….Wrongful loss of a loved one, your employment, the use of a part of your body, physical and emotional pain and other like kind circumstances are sometimes compensated for with money.  But such events are stressful, right at the very time when critical and potentially lifelong financial decisions must be made.
  • Unexpected Job Loss…When your livelihood is suddenly and unexpectedly terminated, through no fault of your own, tidal waves of emotion can take over our lives and lead us to feel like we’ve somehow failed. Corporate downsizing and mergers, an economic crisis, a family crisis, etc. have left many out in the cold and fearful literally overnight. How to survive, prioritize, use savings wisely, etc. all of these descend upon us at once.

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